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In addition to products for use in hazardous areas, the Exepd GmbH also offers service and services for your employees or innovations. We assist you in assessing Zone 2/22 devices, evaluate your Ex p systems, assist you with your product approval, and provide training and seminars for you and your staff.

Zone 2/22 product appraisal

In accordance to the directive 2014/34/EU it is allowed, that the manufactor of a category 3 product declares the conformity of the product by his own.
Exepd provides a service to assist our customers starting from the first idea to the realization. Also we help to create the required Ex documentation in accordance to the valid stadards.

Ex p on-site inspection

Use our experience, competence and products to design and approve a complete Ex p solution. We help our customers to design a pressurized solution which combines their need with the requests of the valid standards and certificates.
We can supply suitable enclosures and the needed controller and accessories for the Ex p solution. These components will be assembled to a complete cabinet, which will inspected and certified by our specialists on-site at you work shop.
So it is possible to combine  our customers knowledge for the machine with our competence in hazardous area solutions. After the acceptance test awe supply the relevant documents for the use in hazardous area.

Design and approval support

We support our customers from the first idea to the final EC type certification, check your proposals based on the valid standards and together we work out the documents and samples which need to be sent to the notified body. If your workshop need an approval for building Ex products in accordance to the standard EC80079-34 we are also skilled to assist you at this process.

Seminars and Training

New and steady changing standards, new employees and products requires, beside the demand to have all workers well prepared for working in hazardous area, the demand for many companies on training and seminars around this topic. We supplies especially on our customers requirements in-house seminars with the focus on explosion protection in English or German language.

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